not your ordinary mocktail!

Juni is your passport to fun without the hangover. Infused with powerful adaptogens and nootropics to elevate your mind and body! Our Super-5 blend works together to renew your energy, enhance your focus, and elevate your overall wellness.


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Whether you're hosting a gathering or unwinding solo, Juni elevates any occasion with elegance and healthfulness. 

Cheers to a new era of mocktail magic! 

all the fun 

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crafted to nurture your mind and body 

without the drawbacks of alcohol!

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Great taste and a nice drink to wind down with instead of alcohol. It really satisfies me!

- Sherry B

Beautiful masterpiece!

I love this amazing creation and already feeling mentally amazing!

- Amadou S

 New favorite drink!

Working in an office I need something to help me focus and keep going and this has been it. I have one once a day!

- Tiffany